Was I a rebound to her?

So me and my ex broke up 2,5 months ago, de first month and a half was me sending a text every 2 weeks but the last month i went complete nc with the occasional instagram stalk (unfollowed). but yesterday i started to try and talk to her on a friends accoun, just to ask how its been.

And immidiatly after my message she asked my friend (me) iff he was helping me in some ways which i replied no. She told me that she broke off with me and made it crystal clear that there was no chance of getting back together. Now here's whats not right, she told me that she would give it another shot iff some time passed to get her life together a month, anyhow i asked that iff she still forgot about him or iff he (me) did something wrong. She said no and she thinks less of me and alrdy started to have feelings for someone else. i heard from a mutual friend that i was her ex she went back to, so yeah i ended up telling her that it was me and she instantly blocked me.

so basicly she kept me on a leash and told me that she wants no relationship with anybody, but would give me another shot at August. And now that she confessed that she literraly fell inlove with someone else (probably her ex) i start to get the feeling that our whole damn relationship was a lie.

So was i a rebound guy to her? She broke up with me out of the blue and before that we had the happiest 8 relationship i think.


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  • She is Obviously this fickle pickle here, dear, and with telling more or less, you also found out the hard cold facts That------She started to have feelings for someone else.
    She probably was going to keep you in her back pocket... this is the reason of the season as to Why she said 'Give me another shot at August.' She wanted to see how things would go with this 'Shot in the dark' newbie who was------Probably her ex.
    Yes, I believe probably a 'Rebound guy' in the blue sky. Move on, you deserve better. This is the kind of girl who is still not ready nor raring for any One Real Relationship, which is why, she Now Has 'Two Ex's.'
    Good luck. xx

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    • i love your words you use ma'am, its still hurts though. i've put so much in that ne that i lost myself And i sometimes still chrck out her insta to see iff she truly did went back to her ex, this hurts so much. Any advice you can give me?

    • Thank you, sweetie... with No contact or looking back, even making sure you stay off any media sites where you know she is, will help to lick a few war wounds and help you to move on. As heart broken as you are, which I can feel your pain, move on and don't wear your heart on your sleeve any more. Even if she were to return to you tomorrow, you could Never trust her that she would wind up with the Ex again, which happens as a back and forth pin pong ball or with some other guy. xxoo

  • Yes she used you ,... what a BCH


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