Would you 'like' your ex's profile picture if you don't have feelings for them anymore?

Well, yeah would you still like the profile picture of your ex if you don't have feelings anymore?

im asking because my ex who broke up with me recently (an hour ago) liked my picture recently. I changed my picture Friday last week so I don't think it would still show up at people's News Feed since it's not recent anymore. Plus, we don't have a lot of mutual friends on Facebook (3 only) so it's impossible for it to be 'bumped' on his feed. I think the only way for him to 'like' it is if he visited my profile and saw that I changed my picture.

I know know that I shouldn't think much about this but I'm wondering could he still like me?
Oh sorry for the confusion!

we broke up 2 months ago and haven't spoken to each other for a month already.

What I meant about 'recently' was that he just liked my picture an hour ago.


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  • sure why not, likes literally don't mean shit to me and I have no feelings left.


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  • NO! I leave all of that shit alone!


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