Girls, so serial cheaters. Jerks. Or your own boyfriend or husband. If you got cheated on and could get away with it, how would you get revenge?

  • Steal his money
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  • Give away his favourite belongings
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  • Beat him up and tell everyone he's a rat
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  • he deserves worse! chop off his willy so he can't cheat again!
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  • he deserves worse! Kick him so hard in the balls you rupture both of them beyond repair
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Cheaters. Women's wrath- the 2 don't mix. how would you react if no one would find out how you got revenge?


Most Helpful Girl

  • There's no sense in getting revenge... two wrongs don't make a right.
    What kind of relationship would that be if each person was cheating on the other to 'get even'? I wouldn't even waste my time/energy to do something purely to spite them.

    You cheat on me, let me show you the door.


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What Girls Said 4

  • If I'm married:

    1) I would pretend like I didn't know and everything was normal.

    2) I would begin putting untraceable amounts of arsenic in his food that wouldn't show up in a toxicology report.

    3) I would then start withdrawing small amounts from his account that isn't noticeable. The reason would be to insert it into my account with my paycheck, but if he was curious, it was for things around the house.

    4) When he starts getting sick--depending on how big he is and his age--I would start to care for him more so, looking like the perfect doting wife. I would also look for another place to live. The reason will come later.

    5) When he isn't getting any better for sure and the doctors have no knowledge as to why, he will realize that I have always been there for him. The perfect wife that he wronged. He will make me his beneficiary.

    6) Doctor bills cost, so if we have two cars, we'd have to sell off one. To keep up appearances, I would sell off my own to show that I care more for him than material things. The withdrawals from his account would stop by this point because it would be seen as suspicious.

    7) Before he passes, I tell him that if he doesn't get better, I can't bear the thought of living in a house that reminds me of my beautiful wonderful husband as well as his car. So I've decided to put them up for sale and see what he thinks. He's more than likely going to understand. The apartment that I chose is firm in mind as well as my car. But he doesn't need to know...

    8) When he kicks the bucket, I play the sad unfortunate widow. I also get all of his money and what is in his account.

    9) I start my new life having successfully gotten away with murder.

    ... There are a few things that need to be tied up, but this seems the best course of option. ;D

    Otherwise, I wouldn't get revenge. I would just dump him. And if his crap is around my place, donate it. :)

    (The murder was a joke. I just wanted to repost it because a woman seemed a little freaked out).

  • Cheat back with every single friend of his, and his brother/s if he's got. Then happily tell him and walk away with my head high.

  • I'd just walk away, there is no point in revenge.

  • I wouldn't want to be a jerk like him, so I wouldn't be able to do any of these lol


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