After breakup boys cry one or two days but girls cry almost the whole year...Is it true?

explain how you feel / think about it..


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  • Nope, the reverse. It's easier for women to get into another relationship. Men have to work harder and deal with more rejection.

    • You mean to say "Who truly loves got hurt after breakup"...

    • No, that's unfair. The other person may simply have better coping skills.

    • May be you are right

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  • I think you're downplaying emotions in general and listening to stereotypes.

    If a man truly cares for a woman, he might "cry" for an extensive period, just like women.

    Some guys don't like this feeling and simply go out to ease their pain by having sex (women as well).

    But if should be pretty evident--especially on GAG--that men who care about their exes still pine for them months after the relationship ended. Some of them.

    So not true in my opinion.

    • wow... seriously human behavior some times blow your mind :)

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  • It may apply to some girls, but it certainly doesn't apply to me.

    I'm not really an emotional kind of person, well at least when it comes to "love" or relationships. If anything I'm the stereotype guy I don't really seem to care. Relationships just aren't my thing as soon as we make it official I'm tired of being around him, seeing him, talking/texting him... basically I'll see you when I see you. Honestly it's more of a relationship when it's not official.

    But the stereotype is false for guys as well sure many might not care at all or if they do like you said they'll cry for one or two days and move on. Well that's because either they didn't truly care for the girl or it wasn't a true relationship to begin with, or it was super short. But believe me when I say when a guy really falls in love with a girl and I mean fall hard and she dumps him... It's all over and is the end of the world. They can be heartbroken for a couple of weeks to a couple of months. Or they'll try anything to get her back.

    So no the stereotypes aren't true when it comes to all of our emotions.

  • Nope. Everything depends on the person and the relationship. I never once cried over an ex so..

  • No... both my ex and my current cried their asses off. I did too... Some men are criers, some aren't, I don't believe that women cry more though.

  • I cried for like 3 days it can be the other way around ,


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