What is my ex playing at?

We ended things back in oct/nov. It was a bad break and we went NC, he messaged me first to apologise in late feb. We've been speaking since & have even met up with a mutual friend. He's crossed the friend line quite a few times and I've had to remind him were only friends now.

last weekend I bumped into him while clubbing. He tried to get my attention wayyy to much to begin with. He even told me about how the girl he was seeing asked him to make things official which he didn't look happy with. She later showed up and he wasn't no longer trying to get my attention.

Later that night he started dancing with me - slow dancing - to hate that I love you of all songs and even sang it to me. We messed around fighting and joking. My friend informed me that he had an argument with his girlfriend though I'm not sure if that was before it happened or during.

He soon went off and later messaged me asking where I was. I told him I was at home and he later said that he just wanted to make sure I got home okay. Since then he's hardly spoke to me & all friendly progressed we had made seems to have vanished.

What is he playing at? & first off: no I do not want him back, we're not good for each other and he certainly doesn't bring me happiness like he used too. I'm also dating. I just want to know what his deal is.


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  • He probably just can't let go of your past together. Either that or he was strictly looking for a piece of ass. In this case it kind of seems like he just can't let you go. Which would explain him checking up on you after the club. Him singing to you could either mean everything or absolutely nothing. Some guys will literally use every tactic they can to get in your pants, just like some girls do. But honestly, he still seems to be into you, in a round about way.


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