Change cell phone number to move on from a breakup?

I was madly in love with a woman who broke my heart. After our break up, she said she wanted to rebuild and be friends again. But in the aftermath - about 4 weeks - responds curtly to my texts and often breaks plans with me. I feel like I should change my number because I'm constantly checking my phone to see if I've received a message from her. Each time I have a message or email, I feel a pang of dejection because its not her. So I could really use some advice. Should I change my cell phone number to help me move on?


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  • No. I don't think you should. I think in due time you'll be fine. Besides it'll be a bitch trying to remember a new number now a days, and judging your age your memory probably isn't all that great anyway lol 😉


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  • It's a start but it's not guaranteed that it will help you move on

  • Yes, if you think it will help u move on. Except if you ever change your mind, you might feel worse. do


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