3 years together, 4 days broken up? He said It wasn't working out anymore?

My boyfriend broke up with me April.1 He said It wasn't working out anymore, around 9 pm he texted me again saying he wanted me to still be a part of his life & he appreciates everything I've done for him. I had a feeling something wasn't right, so 2 days later I checked our call logs & He started to text this number back to back, constantly, I called it & it was a girl. Her name is Jocelyn. I know he didn't start talking to her until we broke up cause I had all his passwords etc . Well I'd like to think he wasn't but I have no proof he was. I texted him telling him it was fucked up how he can just start talking to another girl, he said that he wasn't getting out of a 3 year relationship to jump into another one. On instagram he deleted all our pics & 1 minute later he added her. I got upset and unfollowed him, unfriended him on fb, etc . I think he noticed that I unfollowed him & he did the same. What I don't get is that he still has a copy of my house key and a lot of my things. As well as I have a lot of his things. He's been to my house twice without me knowing cause he was helping my mom sell her old car & I wonder why didn't he use that opportunity to grab his things & leave.. He hasn't told his mom we aren't together.. He hasn't told my mom either when he talks to her. He watched my snapchat stories 2 days ago & he never did that.. Not even when we were together.. I don't know if he hasn't told family cause he doesn't wanna hear it or what.. We are on the same phone plan... Throughout our relationship I've helped him out so much, more than his family, He goes to school & work,, but only works 4 hours a day.. I pay our phone bill, have boughten him 2 new phones, most of the clothes & shoes he has has been because I've boughten them. I took him to vegas 4 times, & gaslamp. My expense. I do believe he loved me because he was so nice and attentive.. during the last month he started being distant & at night he would just say "nite" or "good night" etc .


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  • He thinks the grass us greener on the other side.


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