Advice for this pregnant mama?

So I was going to do no contact with my ex, but my sisters car pooped out and he's the only person we know who know anything about cars. Anyways he came to take a look and then we talked for a bit, I'm pregnant and he kissed my belly. He told me when he's ready to talk about us he will, I think he got the memo I'm moving on. Anyways, he held me for quite some time and then kissed my cheek and was being extremely nice (mind you he has a girlfriend) I called him out on his bs saying the only reason he wants a family with her so soon (they've been together 3-4 weeks) was because he wanted it with me and he couldn't deny it. He said he misses me and he loves me, but I'm lost what to do ? I walk away and every time he pulls me back in, I'm not budging this time until it's 100% tho, what do I do? Or what does he mean? I'm just curious!
He says he doesn't want to be with me and stuff but loves and misses me I'm just so confused


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  • He is playing games honey. Please don't fall for it. My sister had the same situation and forgave the guy. After my niece was born, she and he got back together for a time. Then she found out that he cheated on her. I really thought she would learn from it but she again forgave him and is now married to him. She talks about wanting to have a whole family and wants her daughter to be with her dad, which I can respect. What I don't respect is allowing a man to treat you like that and not changing and her raising their daughter to be okay with a man treating her like that. By my sisters actions she is telling her daughter that it is okay to let a man treat you like crap and disrespect you and cheat on you and that it is okay because he shed a tear and said I'm sorry.
    I don't know if your story will be that way but, by the sounds of it, you two had previous issues before you split. Ask him why he is doing those things and tell him how they make you feel. If you don't want them to happen, tell him that they are unacceptable and that if he can't control himself, that you won't put yourself in a situation to have them happen. Its very hard to tell someone you have such strong feelings for that you don't want them to feel that way anymore but you have to, to give yourself the power to move on.
    I wish you the best


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  • This sounds like a Lifetime movie. I think he gets hit by a car on his way to make things right and ends up in a coma. You read his letter to you. He dies.

    • Seriously so stupid. I'm being serious here and your coment is unneeded and unnecessary

    • That may have been true but you are thinking too much on something you cannot control.

  • You do nothing. He has a girlfriend now.


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  • Maybe he really make it? My ex didn't realize what he had until it was too late and he's been regretting it to this day. Though my situation was much different. He got me pregnant and then broke up with me. And then when our daughter was born he still acted like he hated us, and he only visited her once. She passed away when she was three months old and he sat with my mom and cried. He told her how much he regretted everything and how he wished he would have realized how much he loved us. Long story short: your ex may really mean it. I know it's hard but, consider giving him a chance. If anything at least try for the little one. I wish you luck!

    • He says he doesn't want to be with me. I realize he has a girlfriend but he is honestly the love of my life. He is confusing me

  • So he got you pregnant and he got his current girlfreind pregnant too?

    • No she has a kid from a previous relationship. I am the only one carrying his kid lol

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