Situation with My Ex?

I'm still in love with my Ex. Why I don't know! My Ex is a dick we only talk if I contact him first. But recently he called me because he wanted to see me. We had sex mostly because I missed him I haven't seen him in 2 weeks. We don't have sex every time we hang out.I hate that I have feelings for him. I've tried everything from no contact, to dating, keeping myself busy with work ,and school. But no matter what I can't seem to shake these thoughts of him or the feelings. I texted him and asked did our sex mean anything or was it just sex? He replied I came to see you that what that was. We happen to have sex... I'm not going to say it didn't mean anything? Any tips on this situation? I feel like I'm forcing myself to move on the improper way. Help!?


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  • Why is he a dick? How many times have u broke up? Xxx


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  • You are just making things harder on yourself. Each time you have sex it makes it harder for you to get over the feelings you have for him. And each time you have sex, it lets him know that he can go off and do what ever he wants, ignore you when he wants, and just show up from time to time when he is extra horny and get a bit of sex on the side. So you are just giving him power over you in two different ways, and digging yourself a hole you will really struggle to get out of.

    The sex didn't mean anything to him, it's just easy sex with someone he is comfortable with. If he knows you still have feelings for him, then he is just using those feelings to manipulate you into sex, which is even worse. Each time this happens he will think less and less of you as a person, and think of you more and more as an object.

    The only way you will be able to move on is if you cut contact. And stay cut. Seeing him will force you to start over. Talking to him will force you to start over. Sleeping with him actually moves you significantly backwards.


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  • If you still have feelings for him don't have sex especially if you want to get over him.


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