Confused- go back to the ex or move onto this new guy?

Hi everyone,
I broke up with my first love about a half a year ago. We were together for 4 years. The relationship turned very unhealthy, with him being extremely clingy and us fighting over the stupidist of things. He treated me very badly when we broke up- cursed me out, told me to die. Fast forward a few months and we're talking again and things have been almost back to a relationship. We still consider ourselves single, however, the clinginess is returning to how it used to be and we've already been fighting again. My parents are very opposed to me getting back together with my ex.
Then, I meet a new guy. He goes to a school right up the road from me, we share common interests. I found myself immediatly feeling a connection to him and he wants to spend more time with me. We have made out...nothing more. It felt really natural with him and refreshing.
Problem is- I'm still halfway in and out with my ex. I love him still to a degree...but I really am sick of some of his ways. Nothing has really improved.
My mom and friends tell me to move on from the ex, but of course I am afraid because I know I will miss him and I would almost rather be hurt by him than be hurt by someone new...
Thoughts? Advice?


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  • Omg this is so retarded. My head hurts from reading it. I'm sorry but it's just what I think. So a dive part. The logical thing to do is leave him and not return, but since your a emotionally contagious time bomb, you'll probably not listen to any logical advice and will return to him l. Rate/correct me if I'm wrong:)

    • wow way to be totally judgmental? You don't know me and can't entirely know me from one post- I'm looking for advice as to what you would do not a critique of my emotions.

    • Cursed you out. Told you to die. Super clingy. I'm curious. Sounds like you were dating a 13 year old girl whoes new to her menstrual period. My advice is you should probably listen to your family and friends by Goin with the new guy. Maybe he can actually wear the man pants in the relationship and treat you like a women. Sorry if I come of judgmental.

    • Thank you, that was much more helpful.

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  • Get with a new guy you can't afford to get hurt either way is a no win win situation leave him or not you're going to be hurt either way so just better get a new BF no one deserves to be treated like that


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  • Can't you sit him down and basically tell him you are on the verge of walking away from him? U need to explain and talk to him so he can fix his issues out xx

  • So you're mad that he cares about you? at least you have a guy that cares about and you're being ungrateful!!!


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