Did I mess up everything? Help!! What do I do now?

I have always been a very strong independent person. I never needed a man, I was happy being alone & content. Then one wild crazy night my friend wanted me to meet this guy & hangout "Jose" so I went & to my surprise we hit it off [ go figure I don't like anyone] ffw 6 months we had been through hell in just that little time [fighting & broke up a couple of times] but no matter what we always worked through the issues we had & got back together.. I don't know it was weird its like I couldn't not talk to him & I realized that maybe just once in my life I do need someone. Someone to love that loves me in return. Someone who i connected with so much it was scary! For the first time in along time I was truly happy & I knew what true happiness & love was. What it really felt like. FFW a few more months & we found out we were going to be parents of a bouncing baby boy. I was as bitchy as ever emotional, hormonal, tired, cranky u name it.. But through everything he stuck by my side & was right there through it all. Right after our son was born my emotions flipped off like a light switch. I literally could not laugh or smile or anything it was horrible post partem. But there he was to help with the baby & anything I needes. FFW to present our son is now 7 months old beautiful & healthy thank God! But I've slowly started to recover from my funk & I was finally getting to feel like everything was coming together it felt normal up until a week or so ago. I knew something was going on with my SO he wasn't the happy goofy guy he usually is & I have a sinking feeling in my gut that I have done this to him. Through it all he was so busy making sure I was good that he was hurting himself. The worst part I was hurting him:( I have really been listening to him taking it all in & working to change myself for the better..but I'm afraid it might be too late & maybe he's ready to move on. We have been through everything designed to break us & we made it but then I messed up everything!


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  • Lol, I've nvr been married so my advice would be dull. Usually, the one way that women get to me is by acting more feminine. Shower the dude with love and affection. Don't feel like he'll reject it. I'm guessing if he stayed that long, he isn't just around temporarily. If you think you treated him like shit, make up for it. Lol I've had sisters that went through pregnancy and we're Pissed off at everyone. Shot like that is expected to happen I guess.

    • Alright ill do that thank you!! I have a feeling he might be depressed he's been acting well not himself. I want to be there for him in case he needs someone to talk he not a very open person with his emotions but he's the first person I go when I need advice or just an ear. I want to be that for him. I just want to be able to make him happy again, to make him feel the way he makes me feel every second of everyday. He is my world if I lost him I could never forgive myself.

    • Lol find yourself lucky then. Hope it works out for you. You hit them jackpot

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  • Don give up ! When u broke up a couple of times at the start was u both saying u wldnt go back with eachother. My ex said it was done but got back with me and now he's finished again and said he wldnt get back. I'm do stressed out xxx


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