How can I get him back in my life?

My long distance relationship boyfriend had a huge fight with me for 2 months and during this time he used to tell me that he was cheating on by sleeping with random girls. But when the things patched up between us he came out clean and told me that everything was false, he said all of this to make me jealous and sad. I shared my fight details with some of my friends and they messaged everything to his dad on facebook. And today we both came to know about this thing and my boyfriend broke up with me out of anger. He said he was sorry for the relationship and this is making me feel guilty and pathetic. We both loved each other a lot but now he is mad, sad and depressed. I don't know how can I mend the things between us now. He has blocked me on Skype and phone. He doesn't want to hear me out anymore. Please, help me here.
Please.. people help me out here.


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  • How sure are you that everything he claims was false to simply make you jealous. Saying that he's cheated on you on many occasions with random girls is way too far-fetched and even insane to lie about. If you truly love him, you will have to let him go and give him sufficient amount of time to realize that you and I are meant for one another. Time is a big factor in fixing broken relationships and you have to give one another enough time to clearly see and reflect upon your relationship. I know this may seems redundant, but I hope that helps.


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  • Wow, that's tough.

    In all honesty, it sounds like breaking up might have been the best option. It sounds like you two have a bunch of growing to do on your parts until you could even be in another relationship. If he is telling the truth about not cheating, (I'm sorry, but that all sounds a little strange. Guys don't usually lie and say they are cheating. They lie to try and cover up that they are cheating) then he still has some real
    Maturity issues to deal with. Because that's not okay, actually cheating or not, to put someone through that kind of emotial stress is not fair.

    Long distance relationships are hard in general, I'm not sure whether your trying to get back together or remain friends. If it's the first, I'd really search within yourself to see if that's what you really want. If it's the second, then if give him and you some time.

    Good luck (:


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  • He didn't love you if he was claiming he cheated to try and hurt you.


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