It's normal to look up an ex on social media post breakup, right?

I dated this girl for about a year. She was beautiful & worshipped me & is probably the nicest person ever. We started talking marriage & I realized I wasn't ready. So, I told her I needed space & refused to return her calls & texts so I could think. She kept trying to get me to talk to her, saying that she wasn't ready for marriage either & lets just talk about it. I got so sick of her not giving me the space that I asked for that I broke up with her & cut off all contact, even blocked her on FB. When my friends asked why, because I had been so happy with her, I told them because she was crazy, which she must have been because she was miserable for months after the breakup (or so her friends told me). I dated other women, but all my relationships end quickly. I found myself looking my old girlfriend up on Twitter and stuff (I don't have Twitter) to make sure that she was okay, going by her work (without her seeing me), reading her blog. I bumped into her @ a movie theatre & I told her I wanted back in her life I never got over her & she took me back. But it wasn't the same. She wouldn't just get over what had happened. She wanted me to prove I meant what I said, and seemed mistrustful of me. I couldn't accept that she couldn't just let it go, so I broke up with her & asked her to be my friend so she could be in my life because she makes me so happy, but I'm not ready for a long term future yet. But when I am, it will be with her. She said no, I was selfish & while she loved me, she wasn't going to wait around for me to grow up & blocked my email, my number, my FB & to stay out of her life because I just hurt her. I've been dating other girls, but I still read her blog (which is mostly about exercise, career building & paying acts of kindness forward), her tweets 2-3x/week. My friends say this is weird, and I'm still in love/borderline obsessed with her. But I think it's normal to check up on someone & to see if they might be thinking of you. who's right?


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  • sorry i didn't read it all but id say it is. it starts to be a bit concerning if ur still looking her up like a year or so after y'all r done. life goes on=] wish u all the best.

    • It's been about five months this time. Last time it was two years. I still don't see the big deal. It's only a few times a week.

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    • When my friends called me on it, they said I was either obsessed with her or in love with her, but I refuse to see it because it would mean I'd have to grow up & settle down. She said the same thing when she said she wouldn't talk to me anymore.

    • so how do u plan on getting over her if ur checking up on her social media a lot? and can u really sit with urself and say u have no feelings for her anymore? just rhetorical.
      maybe u should consider telling urself not to check these things anymore for ur own sake.

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  • She's right to feel the way she did and cut you off the way she did. You overreacted and ended a relationship prematurely. You say she crazy for being sad over over the first break up, who isn't suppose to feel that way when things are going good and all of a sudden that person wants to end it with you. Your friends say it's weird because you aren't probably telling them everything that happened and so your story doesn't make sense. If you had just talked it over like she wanted to you'd probably still be with her. But no one has to wait on anyone who doesn't know what they want. You had a good thing and you blew it dude.


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  • if u look up then that means u r still iNTERESTED in her basically!


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