Why can't I get over him even though he hurt me so bad?

Its been ups and downs for about 3 years now. He cheated once I took him back just recently found out he had been cheating again.Why can I not get over him? He wasn't even my type when we first met but I fell in love with his personality. Then he moved off to school everything went down hill we took a break when I went off to college my life went in a horrible downward spiral , I turned to drinking, partying being used by other guys . Then me and my ex started back talking everything was pretty good we went out a lot he'd take me to a lot of different places then just recently found out he had been lying and cheating again. Why can't I move on , whats wrong with me? Its like I hate him but I still care about him .


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  • Up to my knowledge, it is because you never closed the cycle, even though you've tried, you keep thinking that it may no have been his fault so you keep giving him chances because "maybe this time would be different" you still like him cause he hasn't give you a chance to have closure, and he keeps calling you because he knows you'd take him back, he knows if he doesn't give you the chance to close your cycle you will still be there and go back whenever HE feels like it.
    I really recommend you, for the sake of your emotional health to stop answering when ever he calls, just say you are busy or something. I can tell you first hand that this kind of relationships are really exhausting and draining. If you keep answering he'll keep calling.
    Hang out with friends, meet new people, keep him off of your mind.


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  • I heard that it's a psychological and hormonal response that's built into people's bodies, more so in women, resulting from natural selection. I don't know much else about the topic. I'm just letting you know that it's not exactly anyone's fault that you're still attracted to him.


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