Advise to get my woman back?

She broke up with me, buy we finally got to talk after everything that has been going on and I feel good about it, she says she loves me and is atracted to me in every way I made some mistakes along the way and took her for granted but we talked about everything. She tells me I am the total package and I am ambitious and I am a extremely attractive, she told me that I am more attractive then her even tho I think she is and I feel like she knows I love her a lot and I see my see myself with her in the end, she is going through slot with school and family issues, and she's not happy with her life and I understand, she doesn't want to be with anyone at the moment, I just want to, show her what we have is diffrent and im willing to do anything for her, and I told her I want to build a friendship with her that is stronger then our relationship in the past and she liked that, I want to show her that it's not the physical connection I want but emotional, and make her not think of me as only wanting se from her, which was the problems in the past. When she is in a happy place in her life I want to try again and I am trying to figure out how to be closer to her even tho we might not see each other anymore because of school and work I want to show her distance doesn't make us fade away but makes us closer to each other I don't want to push her away by saying I miss her, or I love her a lot . And I want her to want to be with me again because she chooses not because I push her to, I just need help how should I handle this and get closer to her, do I let her come to me text and contact me and give her space, I just don't want it to make it seem like I don't care and we are drifting apart, I want her to fall for me again I know she loves me with all of her heart but I want to make her see why she will Allways fall for the person I am, and I know it can happen it's just harder to do that when we can't see each other everyday, I need some good advise not negitive
I love this girl, and will do what ever it takes because I feel like we are perfect for each other even though the time is bad, she knows a lot of women will want to get with me and she knows that because I'm attractive and im a good hearted person, but I want my woman back and I want to show her a fairy tale ending, in life we go through a lot of problems, if you really want something and you work for it you will get a good ending, I know there is Allways better, but we are perfect for us.


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  • After the break up did she show any signs of remorse?

    • Yes she did, at first then was very mean to me for a week or so, and she finally told me we have to talk, and told me everything that was going on, and I understood why she did the things she did, and right now she's not in a happy place in her life, because slot has happened to her

  • Awww how sweet of you. Just let her know you are there for her... Show her you love her, for you helping her through this she'll love you forever

    • How do I show her more that I love her instead of telling her, because I would like to leave her how much I miss her love her, but that will push her away.

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    • Thank you very much in a way I know what I have to do I don't know so times I just need to hear that

    • No problem. Best of luck

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