Why did he text me?

We dated for about 4 months last year and broke up because I wanted things to get a bit more serious and he just wanted something casual. We texted a bit after the break up, but I haven't heard from him since NYE and I've not seen him since just before Thanksgiving. I've text him the odd "Hey. How's it going?" after having a bit too drink but he's never replied. Then yesterday evening he text me saying "I know I'm terrible". It was pretty early in the evening and for some reason it really pissed me off. I just replied with "Why are you texting?". He replied this morning saying "Let's not text" and I told him I agreed. Why did he suddenly text me completely out of the blue? It took me a while to get over him because he was pretty amazing, and now I just feel like I'm back to square one. I also feel irrationally angry. What did he want?


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  • ... After having a bit too drink but he's never replied...
    Apparently, being You have been the one here, dear, who kept up pushing a button on his end, calling his Bluff, 'Out of the blue' comes Little Boy Blue Who-------Yesterday evening he text me saying "I know I'm terrible."
    This is what got the after holiday hullabaloo going and now, with your heart 'Back to square one,' you shouldn't' Feel irrationally angry,' I feel you should have left your heart in San Francisco and him... Since NYE.
    Lick your war wounds and block him Now from your cell, from your life. You both cannot get along, it's the old violins playing the same old song, so with time, as this heals all wounds as you have found out before... give it some more time to rest easy again, for it's truly over, he has dropped another ball on you.
    Good luck. xx

  • he's just playing games.. forget about him and even if he does text you don't answer him.


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