How can I say it?

I liked a guy and he liked me back but he rushed things way too fast till I lost interest, but in his side the opposite happened he fell for me, I feel like I push myself to say anything to him and I can't take it, he has been broken before and he became so sensitive, I don't want to break his heart but I just don't feel the same way, how can I say it?!


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  • There is no right and wrong way for this.
    This is why guys are never asking out girls, they always end up being crushed by depression and want it all to end. He sounds like the type of guy who would end it all if you said anything.

    What you've basically told us that he's in your friend zone and you can't see him anything more than a friend

    What I recommend is that you tell him that "there are other girls out there" and "I'm not the one for you". Or just make up some lie about a friend stating that he has been with some girl. Let your friend know ofcorse.

    I recommend you pay someone on the street to say that you're friends with them and have them say that they say him with some other girl. There is no other way other than the manipulative way to help him get over you.

    • lying isn't the best option tho

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  • You have to tell him straight forward.


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  • What no man wants to hear :(
    Just be honest, let him no he came on too strong it made you nervous and your unsure about him atm.. at least let him know where he went wrong so he learns from his mistake.. Sometimes being gentle does more harm than good, though it shows you have a good heart. Good luck

    • Interest might come back in 3-6 months, don't be too blunt just incase it does, you never know the future

    • Thank you

  • "sorry but i'm not interested in u basically. hope u will find another girl that will like u 2 :-)"


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