Help me to forget him?

I'm not the type of girl who falls for guys easily. And last year, my sophmore year, was the first time i had feelings for a guy. He was different and stood out from the others guy who tried to ask me out. He keept me guessing like if he was interested in me or not. (Even i ask myself y i care if he like me that way) and without realizing it i had a strong feelings for him. I dont know why nor when i just know that i had them and still do. One friend told me that he loved me and i like him too (a lot) but there was one 'obstacle' in the way... my super strick parents. So now this year, i still like him but as friends even tho i still get lots of heartbeat whenever i see him. I don't know but i wanted him to be ny first in everything, i wanted to share moments in my life with him, to go through thick and thin with him. But it didn't turn out that way. So how can i forget him? I still find it hard to... in my mind i remember the way he looked at me, with such a warm smile that i never saw on anyone else. I dont want to distand myself since we r friends (not close friends but those u casually if u have the chance to talk and hang out) part of me hopes to meet him in the future since my strick parents won't be in the way. But is been a year and i still can't get him out of my mind, i want to move on. I dont like this feeling of hopelessness i have and helplessness i want to move on cuz my heart can't take this pain anymore.
I dont get crushes easily and i dont think is right to date guys only to forget him or to go on dates when my heart can only think of "what would happened if it was him" i tried to kinda flirt with someone else to forget him but it just didn't work out, i felt like i was lying to myself or something... i could never use another guy just to get over him
But what do i do meanwhile i'm around him? My chest starts hurting when I'm with him (both good way and bad way cuz ik i can't be with him)
No but seriously I tried to hang out with other crowds instead and I ALMOST did forget him. But, I don't know what's wrong with me! Cuz in my unconscious I think of him (i dont try to think of him nor i look for excuses to think of him) and I don't want to cuz it hurts me even more and I can't stand this mixture of hurt and like


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  • It will take some time but from the sounds of it, you want to be with him and I dont think you'll be able to forget these feelings until you get what you want. Having strict parents really kills relationships (my parents are strict so I definitely know what you're going through). I think if you like him then just be with him. Like talk with him and hang out with him. You can't date him but I think you'd be able to satisfy your want of just being with him. And the only other thing left is to wait to it out. Maybe you could confess to him and talk with him. Maybe he will understand and like you back and even wait for you, too. There's a lot of possibilities of what you can do so it's all about what you are comfortable with doing because it's your life.


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  • Heart pumping fast when you see him? Butterflies in your stomach? It doesn't go away quickly. From experience, you just have to let nature take it's course. Sadly, but true. Focus on school. Keep your eyes away from him. Try to think of something you DON'T like about it. The crush will EVENTUALLY go away.

  • You have to distract some how. Find a hobby that you enjoy and stick to it. But you have to get him off your mind somehow. Act like he doesn't exist if that helps, act like you don't see him. You have to move on someday and somehow. Focus on YOU, don't worry about him just be you and do you. Cut off all contact with him and act like he doesn't exist and he'll be out of your mind before you know it. It worked for me, it can work for you. Just give it time

  • You need to get yourself out there in the meantime and try to find someone that will get your mind off of him.


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