At Wit's End: Should I leave him forever?

He insists that he loves me because I've been faithful to him for such a long time. Tells me he wants me as long as we can be together. BUT: wants to have a 3way with a married woman and flirts with other people. Messages women and even admitted to be attracted to one but expected me to be okay with it because he was being honest. Through all of this he says he loves me and says I'm the greatest woman.

1) Should I leave him?
2) Why does he keep me around?
3) Are there any women who would settle for that or do guys like him change if they really loved the woman?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Lol... love his honesty. Leave him, if you don't like it and he is being honest, then why you staying?

    Yes there are women who like that. A girl im speaking to would do a ffm threesome. She likes girls but as a treat. She said that she loves me only though and her son.

    Im similar, I want to meet a girl who is opened minded. We can have the security and trust and all the long term deep stuff, but if she wants to explore something sexual with somebody else, she can (with some rules in place obviously). I don't believe in monogamy much.


Most Helpful Girl

  • To me, any guy who wants to have a three way with a gf and another woman is not satisfied in a relationship. I get that a lot of guys want threesomes - it's a totally normal fantasy and very common - but I think that sort of thing should be with people you aren't in a relationship with, unless both people are 100% okay with it. I know i would never, ever be okay with having a threesome with my boyfriend because I'd get pissed off seeing another girl with him. I might however consider it if I was single with two other single people.

    I think this guy is very flirtatious and if he's making you feel bad and you aren't happy, you shouldn't waste your time. It sounds like he wants to have his cake and eat it too - he knows you will wait for him even when he acts like a jerk so he still flirts with other women. I don't think that's okay.

    It is possible for a guy to change, everyone can change, but you should never count on it. I think you need to talk to him, but it sounds like he's content going after other women. I don't think he's right for you. You deserve someone who will be 100% all about YOU when in a relationship with you.


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  • He will not change. He does not love you he loves that you love him. Dump him. He things that as along as he has one women he can get two.


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  • flirting is not allowed with other people in relationships, How long has this been going on? and I wouldn't be putting up with that first off I would tell him off, and if that doesn't work then leave


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