Have you ever stopped loving someone , because they hurt you?

But you was hurt , as your heart was physically hurt, like a wound from all the lying and insult they have put you through, they say the worst break up is the one with a lot of lying and decieving cause it hurts more, and degrades the person a lot


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  • Yes, i have stopped loving someone because they hurt me. But now, after she has broken up with me, she has admitted that she is still in love with me and wants me back.

    PS: I said no

    • yes, i must have been hard , saying no is not easy , i hope you are better now :)

    • Eh, for the most part I'm better. But yeah, it was hard to say no. I was tempted to say yes, because i wanted her back too, but i knew that she would just end up hurting me again, so i brought myself to refuse her.

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  • It could happen. It's possible to happen anyways. I think if it happened continuously where the hurt would always be there, it would just make me distant from that person.


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  • Yes. Myself.

    • you stopped loving yourself >?

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    • do you want to talk about it? i am here if you want , forgive yourself , i have caused my self so much damage too, it won't be you on yourself too, right? , be kind to it , it is yourself that is the closest to you, they are the assholes

    • No. I am a ruined man. I'll carry the burden myself. ^_^

  • if they hurt me... then i'd stop INSTANTLY basically!

    • YES. but what about the pain >

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  • If you were in love those feelings never go away especially unconditional love. You can love a person and not have romantic feelings towards them. They'll just always have a place in your heart.


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