Girl how leave wasn't in love at all, Agree or disagree?

My girlfriend left me and I fond all her words about love was just lies, if her love was real the she wouldn't leave.
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  • i feel sorry for you. you will definitely do better next time
    life is a sum of our choices, so don't regret being in a relationship with her. you have gained a different kind of experience, and you were happy while it lasted. all you have to do is move on


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  • You are the guy who cheated on her with her sister. You are the one who didn't love her enough. If you loved her, you woulnd't have sexted with her sis.

    Now you are begging for sympathy. Well you are not getting it. You would get 0 respect if you had included here that you cheated.

    She deserves better. Thats why she left.

    • No need to say all the truth.

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    • She didn't love me when she left rather than stay and work on our relationship.

    • Or maybe you hurt her so bad she couldn't be with you anymore? The trust is gone and even if you tried, the relationship would have failed. She knew that.
      She loved you. But you hurt her. Now you are being even more of a brick, blaming her and making up shit to make yourself feel better. Truth is, you are a cheater she could no longer trust. She was the smart and mature person to realize that nothong could fix your relationship.

  • As much as it sucks... it is possible for someone to grow OUT of love and to lose their feelings. It doesn't mean she never loved you or meant what she said. It just means she realized that she isn't in love with you anymore. Doesn't mean she never did love you. Also just because someone leaves you doesn't mean they don't care about you. They could even still love you but they just realize it's not the right relationship for them.

  • I've ended relationships with people I was still in love with because it was the right thing to do.

    Doesn't mean she didn't love you just because she doesn't now.


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