Eye contact/ignoring ex?

Just curious for opinions here..was dating a 20 year old female, broke up 2 months ago.
Saw her out at a club, but when I caught her eye, she looked away straight away, and tried to look her best like she was ignoring me
When we broke up there was no drama/fall out, and I didn't chase after her, I just moved on.. But personality wise we always had a great laugh together, and she is very social, so I am curious why she did not even say a polite/brief hello , especially because we were only a few metres apart...like I say, just curious for any opinions on what is going on in her head


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  • Maybe she felt more for you than she originally let on. Seeing you could have released the dam of those pent up feelings leaving her with ignoring you as the only response not to overwhelm her in that moment.

    • Thanks, my ego likes to hear that haha :)
      Yeah even if she lost all interest, she was an awesome girl, I loved chatting to her

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    • Actually would it be possible from her actions she is having doubts she made the right decision?

    • That's always and option. Even though everyone likes to live by the saying "No Ragrets", there will always be that one letter

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  • like you've said, the drama was intense. she did not want to have a scene with you, or get reminded of all the ugliness, so she ignored you

    • No, I said there was no drama at all

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    • she didn't want to explain who you were. or if they already know you, she didn't want them to discuss about you and her and your relationship for the next half an hour

    • Good point, yeah guys are blunt, we just say.. oh yeah we dated, was fun just said a quick hi, and leave it at that

  • She probably wasn't okay with the break up but didn't say anything. Do you miss her?

    • I miss her like anything.. But it was her decision, I respected her wishes, but left the door open for her to contact me if she chose to

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    • I'm in the same boat and I'm equally frustrated. I'm just praying thag everything works itself out and the break isn't permanent as promised. I've done everything I can and now it's time to move on if things don't go my way. It's hard to accept regretion especially when you did nothing to deserve it.

    • I know, you said it exactly right, you just have to get on with life, and hope ( as you say ) it all works itself out

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