Girls, how often should I text my ex, and opinions on her actions?

We've just started talking again, things never ended badly but we never spoke for months after i asked her to meet up drunk.

She saw me one night and text, we had a chat, and then she ignored my text a week later so i asked her what the deal was, and she ignored it.

I then messaged her drunk after we saw eachother but never spoke and she is more responsive now, and has gona back to how she used to be.

She works long hours as a nurse so can't text and has started texting to say she is busy and will text later, and last night after this she text saying she was late in from work and was going to bed, and said good night... Is this a good sign? Or would she carry on the conversation if she was becoming interested again?

I haven't text back because i was asleep and don't know how to play it? Opinions please


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  • What exactly are you trying to get out of this?

    • This question or situation?

      I'd like to be able to go out for a drink with her to keep it friendly and see if we still enjoy each others company like we used to.

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    • Sorry, I'm not much of an help. I'm never done games of that sort and it confuses the hell out of me when I hear other girls do it.

      There is this guy who occassionally text me out of the blue or for a small reason. It makes me think I'm still in his mind, but others have told me he just does it when he's single and lonely.

      So I wouldn't put too much thought into it when I were you and just go with the flow. If she declines 3 times to an offer to have a drink without counter offers, she likely just enjoys those ego strokes through texting.

    • Yeah suppose that's fair comment. I wouldn't say she was playing games, I know if she wasn't interested she would completely ignore me, i'll just ride it out and see if anything happens but she's a tough one, I think she likes me she's probably just hesitant because i'm just as much hard work!

      If it was easy, i dont think i'd be intereted. Human nature

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