I broke up with her, will she come back?

I broke up with my girlfriend after a year into the relationship, We had our happy and sad times, she has met my family and I've met hers, she said that she loved me a lot and would never ever let me go, I said the same, until we had problems over and over again that she would never fix or try and resolve them with me, when ever I am hurt I would tell her, but she would never understand or would listen to my plead, she has talked to my cousin privately after giving birth to her new born when we were still together, I was talking to my cousin today about the break up and my cousin has told me that she to her that she truly loves me, even if I broke up with her, my cousin has high hopes of her coming back around, just give it a few weeks, because she truly loves me, but for me my hopes of her coming back is quite dim. She knew what she did wrong but did not want to sort out our problems and did not want to answer my call or text me back so that I could talk to her and resolve our problems before I broke up with her. I do truly love her, but she kept on hurting me and hurting me, and so told myself enough was enough, so I eventually built the courage to end it with her. Do you guys think she will come back if she truly loves me?


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  • Let her cool off. I'm the same I just wished my ex had explained to me when he was feeling hurt or something was wrong and he wldnt be my ex because I wld have sorted the issues straight away but I was told I shld have known 😌 xx


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  • If she's been hurting you that much, do you really want her to come back?

    • If she is willing to change for the better. Then I accept her back.

    • If she meant what she said then there is a chance she'll come back. however don't keep your hopes up.

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  • Have to wait and see I guess, sorry


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