Need help how to do this?

Ended it with my girlfriend . She went through my phone . I had nothing to hide but u need some privacy how do I get her back ? I've been horrible to her .she's given me time to cool if and I have thought long and hard I went over the top .


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  • personally i'd not like 2 know her anymore after what she did basically... i consinder looking through somebody's phone a CRIME basically!

    privacyshould be respected!

    • I gave her access to my world she looks and I go mental. I was having a bad day

What Girls Said 1

  • Hand her your phone and pc with all the passwords.

    • See I gave her access to my world but then she did look. I freak out think I was having a bad day !!! This is hard I don't know how to sort this

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    • U think I shld let her come to me?

    • sure. if she comes to you it means either she found something and wants to kill you or she found nothing and wants you.

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