I have ever loved a boy so much, but I broke up him. What should I do?

I have ever loved a boy so much, but I broke up him finally coz he has ever made me sad often. I told myself dont mind him anymore. But nowadays he wanna me come back to him. I told him I won't, but I find that I still wanna be with him in my heart deep. I afraid that I will get more hurt from him if I come back to him. I dont know what to do.Can someone give me some advises?


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  • Men don't change so easily. More likely he has not other prospects and is trying to get back with you because he's bored. I suggest get a "real" nice guy.
    Don't kid yourself to think he's changed so fast.

    • yea maybe you are right. but on the other way, Its not easy to get a "real" nice guy.

    • It's easier than you think, they're just the ones you don't look at twice.

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  • I was in a similar situation, but it was between me and my ex bestfriend. She kept making me sad (long story) so I finally decided to not hang out. Let me tell you, it was the hardest decision of my life! I was so sad I had to go see someone for help. And they told me: the pain will be temporary but the outcome will be forever. If he's making you sad, move on... Unless you want to be sad then go back. As of right now, hang in there because it will be worth it


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  • I think you should give him a chance to prove himself or else no


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