Should I just dump him and be happy alone because I'm so insecure?

It's like my boyfriend never left the infatuation faze because he's still so perfect. After two years, he still can't go a day without me. He loves me and needs me. I love him and need him, too. Very much so.
I'm a very insecure girl and he handles this well. He knows I get upset, so he never pervs on other girls while I'm around. He says he never looks at other girls or thinks about them, but he's a guy so of course he does when I'm not around.
Anyway, I know I should just be happy that someone loves me this much, but I will never feel comfortable with any guy. At all. This is because there's something wrong with me. I can't accept what other women can. Other girls say, "It's okay if he looks at other girls or finds them more beautiful, he loves me." I cannot do that. I don't know why and believe me, I have tried every way of thinking to help me accept that it's okay for a boyfriend to still think other girls are beautiful, because it really IS okay. I know that. It's not like he's become desensitized after falling in love. I can't accept it though and I will never know why.
So, I'm really sick of this. I never used to be jealous before meeting him. I would check out other girl's asses and everything. Now, I'm just so jealous and I get upset when I see a girl prettier that me.
I want to leave him, even though I love him. I think another girl could treat him better. One that wasn't so insecure. And I would be very happy alone. The thought of being alone when I am old doesn't scare me. Should I just leave him? I have tried to leave him in the past. 10 times in fact. But he's actually cried and stalked me for a few days until I took him back. that's different for him because he never cries. Each time I left him, I left him for insecure reasons like this one. I feel like I need to just end it for good, but I'm more in love with him than ever now so I'll suffer like crazy too.


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What Guys Said 1

  • I used to be a very jealous guy too. I was afraid that girls I liked/dated, would check out other guys who were taller, bigger than me etc and may possibly even cheat on me without me knowing. That was probably my biggest fear of getting into a relationship.

    Then I started to realise that many girls I dated had the exact same fear about me. They would be worried that I would be checking out other girls and cheating on them. This realisation reassured me greatly - that this is a normal thing for both sexes to be insecure about, but at the same time, its insignificant. At some point you have to simply just need to have faith in a partner as you can never be around them 100% of the time. There will always be temptation lying around, always pretty people than ourselves. You just need to have faith in him, as he does in you and also realise that these insecure thoughts you have, he possibly also experiences.


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  • I can completely understand where you're coming from as I also very much feel the same. You need to think though that if he liked someone else, why would he be with you? Of course I don't want you to be upset by this but more.. Well you should be happy with it haha! He loves you for you, and he hasn't gone to anyone else. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and it isn't just looks, its personality and all the other various things.
    You do; however, need to think about yourself. As I said before you need to be happy, right? If this isn't making you happy then it's a problem and it needs to be sorted. Don't feel like, even if he does stalk you if you break up with him, you need to get back with him. He would be your ex for a reason and you shouldn't be feeling that you're with him because he wants you, you should want him too. I hope this helped a little :3


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