So I overheard my mum talk about my ex?

I was going downstairs to get something to drink and I heard my mum and dad talking, so I tiptoed down the stairs till I could them speaking properly.

I heard my dad say "So what do you think's going to happen between them" and my mum quickly replied "She just wants space and time to focus on her work, I'm sure of it. They'll be back together when she finishes it all".

I don't know what to feel or think.


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  • I personally would feel awkward but on the bright side there are some major benefits to what you overheard

    For Instance, they're taking your relationship serious. She's already has their approval
    And/or if they haven't met yet they just really want you to be happy

    So smooth sailing once/if you get her back
    I don't think you know how many couples struggle with "the parents/in laws" I've heard so many bad stories, I'm terrified when meeting anyone's parents

    If they were my parents and I told them I broke up they would lecturing me about why boys shouldn't be a priority anyway. I would then go back into my workaholic college student cycle just me work, school and my volunteer hobbies

    • Both my parents have met my ex and my mum even said she loved her, which was quite surprising considering that she loathed my two previous exes.

      My dad doesn't really get relationships though, my mum is psychiatrist with 30 years experience.

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  • They think you'll end up back with her.

    It's better to overheard your mum and dad talking about you or your ex then walking in the room whilst your dads licking your mums pussy haha that kinda happened to me and I swear it was the funniest thing I've ever seen hahaha i'm kinda scared for life now so..🔫💃


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  • If you're not going to get back with her I think that you should feel offended.

    • Why should I feel offended. What the hell are you on about?

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    • No I'm not, it's not even my first language. Okay, let me try to explain to you what I am trying to say.

      You said that you don't know what to feel or think.
      I said that if you and your ex girlfreind are not going to get back together for sure, then you should feel offended. Because your mom thinks that you two will get back together. Does that make more sense?

      You said you don't know how to feel, I'm telling you that you should feel offended.

    • Surely you should have put 2 and 2 together. I want my ex back.

      So Im not offended at all.

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