Is he trying to get my attention or make me jealous?

Basically in the morning before classes start we have like thirty minutes to socialize. Well instead of standing anywhere else he feels the need to stand right behind me or across from me, and he talks loud on purpose so i can hear his convorsation. Well today he was standing with a couple girls, and i normally stand with a group of guys but that doesn't matter. He was with these girls and i honestly dont care, cause we aren't dating anymore. And even when we were dating i wouldn't have cared alsong as they and he knew he's mine and i made that clear. And ever since we broke up, he's done stuff like that follows me around the building and observers who im with. Like he broke up with me so why does it matter? I think he misses me but im not sure. And advice?


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  • What is your problem girl if you like him go and give him another chance. If not than mimd your own business.

    • I've been trying to move on and mind my own business but it's hard when he's up my ass all the time.

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  • He's trying to make you jealous. But don't be fooled, you guys broke up for a reason. Don't go back to him.

    • Well he broke up with me but keeps stalking all my social media and follows me, normally he doesn't talk to the girls but today he did... And why is he want to make me jealous? He broke up with me..

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  • I've always been accused of doing this.
    Its all in your head

  • He's moving on... simple

    • If he's moving on then why is it not okay for me to move on because he gets pissed when I'm with other guys. And if he's over me why does he always follow me and check up on me to see what I'm doing?

    • Because he probably still likes you. but doesn't want too. if that makes sense?

    • Yea. I just don't get it

What Girls Said 2

  • If you don't confront him, you will never find out if he really does miss you.

    • Im kinda afraid to, what if its something else, and if he really misses me wouldn't he just text me or talk to me he has plenty of chances.

    • well, you're not texting him either that you miss him. the phone works both ways you know

  • He still cares about you, and I would think he is trying to get your attention

    • If he still cares why he break up with me in the first place? I'm here trying to move on while he's giving me all these mixed signals but won't even talk to me and tell me what's up. We had a rocky relationship and we both fucked up a lot but he never said he had a problem until the day we broke up.

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    • That's how it is with us and we always come back to each other and it scares me.

    • It honestly scared me too, I know I love him but I didn't want to be breaking up all the time now we still have arguments here and there but communication is key, try talking with him

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