My ex keeps contacting me but today I found out he took another girl for a drink and kissed her. So confused as we were trying to. get back. on track?

Ok so we were together/living together for a year and a half, I started noticing little changes in him and I checked his phone and he had been mailing girls online telling them they were pretty etc, well I flipped.. in my book thats cheating so I threw him out. Long story short, we both love each other, there hasn't been a day that has went by where we haven't spoke, he constantly asks have I met someone etc and we agreed to get back, however he wanted to. take things slow.. as in not put a label on us just yet. I wasn't having it as I thought he should make more effort as he was caught text cheating, so I said I wanted more. He said he couldnt give me more so he left.. but he still txts/rings every day. Today I found out that a girl he was txting soon after we split, he took her out for a drink and they kissed. Wtf is going on, is he on rebound, trying to get back at me, or just keeping me onside till he sees if this new thing works out. Please help.. I love him but dont want to be treated like a doormat..


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  • he doesn't sound very invested in you. I think you should move on and stop wasting your time with someone who likes to have you for the sake of having someone reliable while he tries to get around with other girls too. it sounds like you're just something "safe" to go back to for him. you gotta find someone better.

  • This guy sounds very immature, selfish and perhaps even incapable of being in a committed relationship. He texted girls behind your back when you were together, and when he was caught out he said he wanted to take things slow. He is the one who made the mistake. Usually the ones who have the right to demand for things to go slow are the ones who have been wronged. I might be very harsh and strict in this respect, but if this had been my boyfriend, he would have to play by my rules if he wanted another chance with me.

    The fact he is still talking to girls after all this and takes them out and kisses them while he tells you he wants to eventually get back together with you is disgusting and disrespectful. He knows he hurt you when he texted girls behind your back, a normal and caring guy would do everything possible to show you that he can be trusted and that you should be with him. He does the opposite.

    I think you should try to move on and forget about this guy. You deserve to be with someone who respects you and actually wants to be with you. If you're being objective (and I know it can be hard sometimes), the future with a guy who's done this sort of things to you cannot be very bright.

    • Thank you, after 5 very emotional weeks I finally was able to say no more its totally over. Your right, no person should have to go through that in a relationship. Onwards and upwards :)

    • Well done! Wishing you the best of luck for your future :)

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