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I have wrote my ex a letter. Just to basically say that if e thinks hel be happier without me I accept that. i also explains that mistakes will be made in relationships and they can be fixed if u have the will to sort it. I haven't blamed or said anything negative in the letter it's just point blank truth and honesty on the letter. There was no cheating or anything. What would u think if ur ex sent u a letter?


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  • It depends on how the letter is written. If it is constructive I'll accept it and actually it would be very touching since she went through all that trouble for little ol' me.

    I would HATE if the letter is with a strong apologetic flavor - it means the writer is stuck in the past and thinks about "could have been this could have been that". I'm not telling how you should shape your life philosophy, but this is what a lot of people don't like, in general.

    I also don't like that "if you'll be happier without me"... and so on. It's bordering on victimization.

    My guess, your ex wouldn't give much of a reaction UNless he feels similarly about the situation.

    • No I never blamed or said we cld do this or that etc I kept it simple il let him relax and see how it goes

    • See how it goes? Let him relax?

      I understand your intention, but that's not what a man needs. You have to voice your opinion. There is still this bugging undertone of guilt and blame in "letting him relax, seeing how it goes".

    • I've tried to voice my opinion but he doesn't let me at any point he's right am wrong. I just mean that il leave him b. If he wants me hel come to me I've tried poured my heart out I'm hurting bad.

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  • I think it would be good. I would like to know what she is thinking and how she feels that way what ever needs to be worked can be if we both want to.

    • I've wrote a letter last time and he text me like 4days later. Am devasted 😔

    • What did he text you?

    • I think it is good what you are trying to do, if he thinks he needs to cool down let him and rethink about the reason he broke up with you if you think it is a silly reason maybe you are overlooking something. Also, the letter is good b/c you are saying you are willing to work things out and he just has to put his part if he wants to. You should also consider the possibility he is losing interest and is using an excuse.

  • I would like if my ex wrote me a letter at least to break up like your doing

    • see he broke up with me. over something solly and think he needs to cool down and reflect on whats gone wrong. so im writing him a letter not to blame or make excuses or trick him into coming back to me basically just explaining that situations come up in everyones relationships and if u have a firm will u can get through it

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