Why did my ex ask me to hang out then never respond?

My ex and I are both 17 and in high school. We were together for 6 months and broke up about a month and a half ago because we both couldn't find a lot of time to spend together. We decided it was better to just break it off sooner than later. At first it was really hard to have to sit with him in classes and see him all day. But then we started talking more in school and I was glad we were friends again. A few days before spring break he texted me out of nowhere and said "hey what are you doing over break?:)" and so we made plans to hang out the first Sunday of break. I had to cancel Sunday so we rescheduled for Monday, then he had to cancel. So he said we will hang out sometime in the next few days. He never texted me or anything after that. He only commented on some of my tweets. I just don't understand why he would text me asking to hang out and obviously flirt, then all of a sudden not want to hang out. I go back to school Monday (after 2 weeks of break), is there something I should do to get things going again? I still like him a lot but I don't know how he feels, it's confusing


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  • Maybe he sent you a text by mistake

  • He probably got a wake up call and changed his mind im going through the same issue and we were suppose to hang out and spend the night together but he ditched me after that he never texted back.. Sometimes guys do get the wake up call and sadly they're better at ignoring


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