I'm (M/23) having a hard time getting over my Ex (F/21), how can I get her back?

Our relationship started great. We hit it off smoothly, and fell in love very quick. Everything was going great, even though it was long distance.

However, one summer I had to go to another country and I began to contact her less frequently. By less frequently, I mean that I would rarely contact her and time to time ignore her. The reason was because my father had just passed away, and I didn't want to open up to anyone about this issue.

She took it the wrong way, but still tried her best to keep our relationship alive. But being the stupid person I am, took it for granted that she would always be there. She eventually got sick of it after months of getting hurt by my severe lack of presence.

When I got better and decided to open up to her, it was already too late. She didn't want to go through what I put her through anymore. I always thought she would be there, but she just recently told me that she doesn't want to go through that kind of pain anymore. I'm confident that I won't ever lose her over something like this again. How can I get over her or even get her back?


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  • just be completely honest
    tell her that you father died and you didn't wanna talk about it and that it was hard for you and that you took her for granted and pretty much all the things you wrote here
    but you also have to see her side of the story, she might think you have another girl or that she is not important to you anymore or anything
    so i think you two should be super honest with each other, tell her what she means to you and try to work things out like that


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  • in all honesty she sounds like a bitch and you sound passive. She doesn't need to be in your life.


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  • just go and hug her so tightly and tell her that you love her.


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