I broke up with my girlfriend? Does she even care?

I broke up with my girlfriend for 2 days now, before I did, I called and texted her, but she did not answer my call or text back, so I texted her that I am breaking up with her and left it at that. I had my reasons and did really try in this relationship, putting in more effort than I'm willing to for her and trying to resolve issues between us, be she just can't understand or see that. I do truly love her, but my heart couldn't take anymore, so I am wondering... If she cares and truly loves me, will she come looking for me? I am currently doing NC.


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  • ... So I texted her that I am breaking up with her and left it a that...
    I feel sad that the way you went about it, no matter What your problems were with her in this relationship, that face to face wasn't used with one another to Do--------I am breaking up.
    She may or may not come back to you and then again, you both someday could end up as friends in the end... only God knows for sure.
    Just because two people Break up doesn't mean they can't and don't Make up and that it's Good-bye, my love forever. And you are so right... if she cares and truly truly loves me, she will be looking for you, even... currently doing NC.
    Good luck and God's blessings. xx


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  • Most men don't have the inner strength to do what you did. You actually discovered that this girl was not for you. You had already put her on notice for her selfish attitude and uncompromising ways. You actually breakup when she was unwilling to do her part. Most men would have stuck with her and been miserable for the remainder of the relationship. Worst yet, they could have married her, had kids, and been rewarded with a painful divorce.

    What ever you do, don't return to this woman. You have shown her that you meant business by leaving. Although it won't be easy for you, especially when she begins to attempt contact, remain the course. Most men return at this point for another beating. Just remember that what ever caused the breakup to begin with will still be! Nothing will change.

    Keep up the no contact rule no matter how many times she tries to get a hold of you. If her interest in you has not fallen below the half way point, she will make attempt contact, but if her interest fell below that point, she won't.

    Good luck!

    • Thankyou for understanding how I felt. A lot of people had said what you've said. when I was still with her, I would do literally anything for her, if she doesn't like what I do, I would stop it, if she doesn't like me talking to another girl, I would stop it, if she wanted me to talk like the best boyfriend in the world, I would do it, but now everything I've worked so hard for has been broken. I wish she could have just change for the better for the sake of our future and our relationship, but she just couldn't do it for me. even when she promised me she would, she would not do it. I will keep on doing NC, I will then see how much she is willing to change, I will be the better person and move on, if she falls below the half way point. Thanks for your honest words.

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  • Its so hard to understand a girl
    She must be feeling lucky to have a guy like you because nowadays you rarely find guys who care that much
    Give her time so she could feel she lost you because am pretty sure she would talk back, maybe not at this pretty moment but maybe later.
    So its up to you if you want to carry on and move and show her that you cared a lot about her.

    • Thankyou, for understanding. I honestly can say I do truly love her, and have given my all in this relationship, but when ever there's a problem she would just pull out the break up card. I've forgiven her 5 times for doing that, now this is the 6th time she has done it, so even though I love her, I can't the pain when she does that. So I think it was the best thing to do. I have honestly done a lot for her. I just want to see if she can realize what she's done to me and realize that her actions were wrong.

    • The only thing that I can see is
      You are loyal and 6 times is too much
      I really would recommend you to move on because you really deserve a person who would stay even if the two of you expierenced problems and would do anything to solve them out!
      And i do understand that you want her to see how much you loved her and how terrible her actions were, but trust me.. Time would reveal everything to her.

    • Hahahahahahagsfgdbfgdhstgeheygegxtndbsbd

  • First of all: The way you ended that relationship was so cowardly, tactless, and careless. You cold have had enough decency and respect for her feelings to deliver that message to her face. You were so self-centered that you just couldn't wait to actually see her in person and tell her? That was messed up. That's the kind of gesture that makes it easier to move on from an ex.

    Second, you dumped her or in other words you left her and gave up on her as a person and the bond you guys built so you really have no right to be hearing from her. It's like disposing of something like it's trash yet expecting it to show back up on your doorstep.

    Third, I'm getting a vibe that you're trying to use 'no contact' as a manipulative way to get her back after you already dumped her and more or less demoted her presence in your life. Leave her alone and let her embrace your absence since that's what you initiated.

    • First of all, you don't know how my relationship was, secondly I don't find it cowardly or tactless nor careless. Its funny how you talk about respect, when your upright bashing me just because of how I ended it. I had no other choice, but if your gonna take it the wrong way, then go ahead.

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    • a lot of people find it understandable for what i needed to do, but if your gonna take offense to to it and personally insult me, then go ahead. I'm gonna ignore you from this point forward.

    • You are waaaaaay too sensitive dude. I didn't take personal offense lol I was just giving an answer based on the impartial, limited facts that you gave. If you don't want to be misinterpreted, then include more of the story in your original post. Point blank period. Don't get all defensive and butt-hurt when YOU FAILED TO GIVE SUPPORTING INFO.
      Nonetheless, breaking up with someone through a text is still tacky and inconsiderate.

  • If she wasn't talking to you before hand, then probably not. If she was bluntly ignoring you for awhile now, she was probably trying to break up with you in terms of you just getting the hint.

    • She ignores me when I try and resolve things with her, and says "I don't want to talk to you, or you don't care about me, leave me alone", when in reality I do actually care, more than anything.. but... a persons heart can only take so much until it breaks.

  • text breaking up with her wrong. Why are u the one doing no contact?


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  • She has dignity and self respect, you will never hear from her.
    You have to approach her first if you dumped her.
    I have no idea what you hope to achive with no-contact.

    • NC was the only option, I've tried my best in the relationship to make things work. And just so you know. I don't get angry over problems we have and try to break up every single time, I try to work things out.

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    • I have reached out to her many many times when she pulls up the break up card over a problem or argument we have. She would act immaturely and say "when I am angry and I break up with you I would not care afterwards", I have done enough.

    • Mate, you will not hear from her unless you reach out first.
      Regardless of the reasons for your break up.
      And if you do reach out, I would not guarantee you will even hear from her at all

  • Yes she does you just give it time I guess i1127.photobucket.com/.../ezgif.com-add-text_2.gif

  • Well breaking up via text is a bit crude. She probably did not like that and sees it as you doing your dirty work without having to look her in the eye. So she probably thinks you are a coward. Therefore, she is less likely to care.

  • No. 43% of Girls have a backup guy. As Beyonce would say your irreplaceable.

  • I suppose not... sorry

  • Nope. Sorry buddy


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