After just breaking up my ex is sleeping with someone else. Is my reaction warranted?

4 weeks into the breakup I had been moving on fine, hanging with friends and keeping myself busy. Just the other day I got news from a mutual friend that she had been sleeping with someone for over 2 weeks. Now of course we are no longer together so she can do what she wants but here's the thing. I did everything for this girl especially at the end when things got tough. I treated her great and she acknowledged that. She always was a girl to have a lot of self respect when it came to having sex and never giving it away easy and yet she slept with someone so quick that she hardly knows and couldn't be more different to me. She was the last person I thought would do this. I've always taken the high road but I had to give her a piece of my mind which I did. She claimed it was a rebound and a lot of things were said. Most people I've spoke to are on my side with this. Did I have every right to let her know how I felt about this and how disrespectful it was to me? She has always been selfish which will probably make you wonder why I was with her but you can't help who you love sometimes. What's your thoughts? Thanks in advance


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  • It is so obvious you still love her. I think it is irrelevant if it is right or wrong what you did. You told her how you felt because you still care about her , and your hurt that she slept with someone else so soon after the break up. I think when two people break up and one still cares about the other, they hate the idea that they moved on so quick. You hang onto the thought that they still miss you, and are thinking about you. Then when you discover they have slept with someone else , your hope of reconciling crashes to the ground.

    • I don't think it's so much I still loved her. Obviously I still cared. It was just the manner in which it happened. I think when you do so much for a person and you don't get anything in return then it just hurts my pride and feel I've been stabbed in the back. I am moving on though so onwards and upwards. Thank you for your answer :)

    • Aww so good that you have moved forward. Good Luck!

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  • Go be sleep with other girls... And show her that you don't give a fuck about her too... cause she doesn't give a shit about you... She was already broken up with you before you actually broke up with her... If she is sleeping with some one just weeks after the breakup... And she didn't care as much as you thought you did... she didn't have that self respect when it comes to sex as much you thought she did... Just fucking forget her... I know it sucks that she has moved on and you still care for her... But you have to stop thinking about her..

    And if she contacts you in further ever... Show that you don't give two fucks about her.

    • Yea I'm moving on happily dude. I think I came to that realisation that she wasn't that sort of girl and I've accepted that. We struggled at the end even though she really wanted to stay together, I think she was beginning to disconnect emotionally but I have no interest in any future contact and will be looking for a more mature women who is confident with who she is. The last was 21 which probably explains the lack of maturity. Cheers for your input bro.

    • Well a women can be 30 and still be immature... lol

      Anyways it's great that you are moving on... Good luck

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  • no doubt you still have feelings for her or even love her, I don't know how long your relationship was or why you guys seperated but you did the right thing in telling her how you felt about it. Im going to something similiar but different my ex broke up with me 3months ago things werent going right. He then text me a month later after that we been txtn yet not seen eachother , i was again getting to attach txtn him i felt uncomfortable i decided to tell him that if he was already doing him to just not text me at all because i still had feelings for him but anyways , if you see you guys won't get back move on

  • Honestly she can do whatever she wants because she is single and it's not your place to tell her anything about it, but I understand how you feel because my ex did the same thing to me just a couple of weeks after the break up. Sometimes you have to act like you don't care because she may be trying to make you jealous.


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  • It's tough mate, It stings when you hear it.
    But in honesty, if your not a couple anymore, what she does is really none of your business anyway.
    You should be doing the same yourself

    • This sounds blunt, but when you separate they are eventually going to sleep with someone else, it does not matter whether it takes 1 day or 1 year, it's life

    • Your right in that it was none of my business. Unfortunately it was brought to my attention by a mutual friend. I was sick of taking the high road as I always had with her and just needed to air my feelings but your right dude, I should be doing the same and I am moving onwards and have dates set up. A lesson learned for the future though and most importantly I won't be dating women that young again (21) cheers brother.

    • That's true, 21 they are still finding out a lot about themselves.. not the smartest investment in your time. We have all found that out the hard way haha

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