Forgiving my baby daddy? Should I?

Basically we went on a break about a month ago, I am pregnant right now Ill be 6 months next Friday . But I had a hard time leaving him alone I kept asking for him back and accusing him of talking to other girls. A month went by the break turned bad and I found out he's talking to someone else. But I he realized he doesn't love her and he loves me, I find it hard to forgive him. Should I? I mean its very hard for me to forgive him for seeing someone else, but then again I "pushed" him to it by constantly begging for him back and accusing him. Again I don't want to lose the father of my baby who isn't even here yet I am not as financially stable as him. Should I forgive him? How can I even though he wants me back but Im so mad he dated someone else while im pregnant. What bothers me the most is thinking of him wanting someone else, kissing them and basically missing them. It makes me very upset. But he never loved her and he only loves me.


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  • You are living in a fantasy world. Once you are pregnant and not married, he will chase other women and there is nothing you can do about it. Let him go, if he wants you he will be back.


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  • ... But then again I "pushes" him to it but constantly begging for him back and accusing him. This may very well be baby blue true jenniidas, however, with 'We went on a break a month ago,' he started 'Talking to someone else' and took this 'Break' for granted, where he may have wanted to spread his wings and had decided he didn't want the both of you to be two birds of a feather.
    However, 'He wants me back' and as hard as it is to stop picturing him in the arms of another, baby or not, you Have to now. You both need to Think of this little blessed event and work as a team. The rest will follow when when if this bough becomes a bond, let sleeping dogs lie, try and work through these trust issues and pray.. the cradle will not fall at all.
    Of course with him 'Cheating' the first time around, I cannot make any promises it will not happen again. But if you both live under one roof and stick together, this little sweet innocence may be the answer to your prayer where... He only loves me... forever.
    Good luck and Congrats.:)) xx


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  • Forgive but never forget.

    • if u never forgot then u never really forgive. Cause u will still resent him. you'll always have that in the back of ur mind, cause u never forgot it. But if u forgive and forget (leave it in the past). U can start from a fresh new slate. How can u forgive it if ur resenting it still?

    • Forget, forgive and move on.

    • With all do respect, I'm not saying "forgive but never forget" because she should stay mad at him and hate him. No, that's not what I ment. She is obviously going to remember what he did. Imagen if someone you loved did it to you. It happened to me I still remember but I live my life. All I'm saying is now she knows what she's dealing with. Even if it was a break she has this guys baby this was a test to see were loyalty stands...

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  • But u accused him in the first place. Exactly. U accused him and its not ur fault he dated another girl, but he dated another girl and u accused him. Id say stay bc thats the father of ur kid and no1 is perfect. In the future trust him. Love , true love does prevail over everything. He came back. In the end no1 can replace u or his kid. Everytime he does something stupid. Forgive him as should he for you. Forgive seven times seventy-Jesus Christ.

  • Who initiated the break? Was it a break, or did the two of you actually break up? If it was a break, what were the terms you set for the break about seeing other people?

    • At first it was a break for the first month, then he got really sick of me trying to get back with him I was texting him a lot every day. So he said we were DONE and "he's single" he even put it on his instagram he was single and I got really mad at him for that so he took it off. He said before "you can live in my house but well never be together again". That was during our break up.

    • I kinda went crazy and one day showed up where he was at to see if he was with another girl things got kinda bad a the cops were even called :/ and he wasn't even with a girl it was just his high school friend that happens to be a girl. and ever since that day he really got mad and just kept trying to talk to a lot of girls. (I know because I saw it on Instagram he comments "lets go eat lunch" or asks for their number)

    • Have you guys always had a lot of drama and issues in your relationship?

  • Just forgive him and let him support your child. But don't accept him again. He will do it over and over again and it will leave you always worried about his loyalty with you. Trust is one of the most important element in love and if its gone. Both of you will suffer.

  • Try to work it out.
    It's worth another try for the sake of your unborn baby.

    • But leave the accusations alone... start fresh.
      If you feel you cannot trust him then you both aren't meant to be

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