My gf recently split up with me. I really miss her though and I really want her back. Any ideas?

I need something spectacular to get her back.


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  • Just give her space that's what she needs

    • Wow thank you for mho. Serious just give her space. I hate negative people. I went to a spooky lady on fri she told me give him space he is coming back to you be patient. I've deleted all contact now. Can't sleep tho it's driving me mad cx

    • you're welcome thank you for commenting, i hope get back the one that you love. good luck :)

    • Me too ☺️ good luck xxxxx

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  • doing something spectacular is not what really matter dude.. if she really wanna break up from you.. you just can't force her to get back

    • The thing is though is that she said that she wanted to get back with me just not yet. I just want her back

  • I think if she made that decision she's already set on not being together. there might not be anything you can do, and you trying may push her further away.


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