Anyone had a reading done?

Has anyone had a reading done that's came true? Was at one lnyt and the things that she said blew me away because there the most random things to say ! which was correct


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  • I was told something would happen in the future. It made a believer of me...

    • So I take it that came true?

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    • Let me take the sarcastic hat off, I don't think it's coming across in text.

      Don't wait around hoping for things to come true. Make them happen. Define a goal, write down concrete steps to get there, then do it. Don't hope, act.

    • The future is what you make of it from your decisions living life

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  • I want one done. Who did you go to or do you know of any?

    • I went to a woman called denise. Just google search in ur area and check out there reviews

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    • It was my first time she knew things that she just wouldn't know she's a stranger xx

    • Wow! I'm going to look her up! 😮

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  • No, I reaaly don't believe in these things... And if it really done then it would be by chance

  • What came true, and did their persuation influence you to make it come true?

    • She told me to watch my left hand back teeth when I'm eating. I've had toothache there only last week. She said u harnt been eating you need to eat more colourful foods and pt some lavender on ur face cause ur not sleeping either. Ur going on holiday with a guy with dark eyes. And who eats polos my ex eats polos. She said ur going to get married in Vegas. Me and him spoke of this. She said just leave it be for. now no contact itl work out u guys are inlove and soul mates. Also get someone to go have a checkup nothing serious but there pretending to be ok. A lot of things linked to me. Also said have u siblings I said yes she said there not full tho. Mental.

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