A need everyone's opinion but no sarcastic comments or being funny it's serious?

Ok ex split up with me. I want him back. I text him today to say I was devasted that he is back on facebook. And please come back to me he Tb saying please stop this you'll push me further away. A mean what does it Wven mean he's confusing me. ? Then I said ok. Am like last message don't u ever want to hear from me. He read it but didn't reply is he playing games with me


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  • Needs space. He's right. You'll lose him if you keep texting him. You'll be labeled "psycho ex gf"

    Keep your dignity. No more contact. He's dead to you.

    • Don't get me wrong am not totally txting all the time etc. Il leave it b

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  • Don't give him the time of day. He's telling you what he wants from you, and he wants you to leave him be. If you do your thing maybe he'll miss you. If you're out of the picture it will give him time to think about you and miss you in the first place. Even possibly consider making up. But don't hold your breath. You have a life too.


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  • He is correct. Give him some time. Have you heard of the no contact rule? Nontalking for 3 weeks minimum. The worst thing you can do is to talk to him

    • Yeah il do it I deleted his number. Hopefully he doesn't go with anyone :( suppose I can't stop it

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    • Just stops me from contacting. I truly believe he's trying to figure out what he wants I know he's inlove with me and vice versa I know we are soulmates a suppose time will tell

    • Why didyou break up then?

  • No, you're playing games with yourself, as he quite obviously doesn't want you back.

  • Oh ya... he totally wants you back. Stick with and you'll drag him back to you.


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  • He's obviously telling you to give him space. Don't push him further away. Good luck.

    • Am so scared u think I just cut contact and be done? And wait

    • That would be best. Maybe he'll come around, or maybe he just wants to move on. Good luck.

  • You're acting needy, and that is pushing him away. Don't talk to him at all for a month and see where that leads you. No talking at all.


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