Guys, I don't understand this confused :(?

Ex says I push him further away when I say I want him back? But my feeling he couldn't b anymore further away because he's not with me ! Can someone mature help me understand


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  • Maybe he wants to be in control. By you trying to make it happen, you are taking control away from him and that makes him less likely to come back to you, because it has to be on his terms. The more important question is why you want to go back to an ex. Plenty of people do it, so having that desire just means you're normal, but. . . why did you break up? Will those problems still be there if you get back together? What will make it different this time? Most exs who get back together eventually split up again for the same reasons they split the first time around. Everybody thinks, "oh, I'll try harder and work smarter than other people so I can make it work," but that isn't enough to make it work. If you don't have a specific plan for resolving the problems you discovered the first time around, it is a mistake.

    • My hearts breaking

    • Dating is a series of heartbreaks which culminates with the greatest joy of our lives. Try not to despair but have faith that your noble efforts will ultimately lead to a reward.

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  • Well, I'm sorry to say that, but he doesn't want you back, not now anyway. When you say you want him back he feels uncomfortable because he maybe just want you to become friends for now

    • I think he needs space to figure out what he wants and needs. guess il never know. I text and said ok do u never want to hear from me? He read it Bt didn't reply

    • Yeah I think he needs time to reflect your relationship with him, but I think its better to you to just wait and not text him for like a week or two.. if you text him afterwards and he doesn't respond, then it's time to move on. But maybe it won't work out like that :)

  • He knows deep down that going back to an ex doesn't work; it will end badly. He just doesn't know how to verbalize it in those words.

    • He's a mature guy he says what he thinks etc. He's really breaking my heart. We are inlove soulmates u name it I just don't get it

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    • This guy seems to have conflicting feelings; he doesn't know what he wants. Don't give him the chance to hurt you again.

    • I'm starting to feel that is the case. Like he told me the last time he was lonely etc. I moved back in and everything was great one argument it's like it's done. Now he's saying that am like it wld e better if u just said don't text me !!! Instead of stop this ul push me further away

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