Will giving him space bring him back to me?

Do I give him the space ? As he says when I text barring in mind it's only been a couple of times since we split he says that il push him further away. But only thing is I don't want to heal and him come when he's ready


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  • If you leave him some space, eventually he/she will approach you, and you might eventually become friends.

    But time is key, at least from my experiences.

    • Hopefully not just friends. Hopefully he does realise tht I am his soulmate like he told me every other day xx

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  • Maybe. Maybe not.


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  • This is a good question if you bother him the more he wants to get away and if you let him go he might not come back... it all depends on if he really loves you.

    • Yeah that's what I'm scared off 😔 xxx

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