Why does it feel like I'm the one who ended our relationship?

It feels like I have...

We got into a pretty heated argument, I asked her "what do you want? Shall we just break up?" I was pretty angry, and I never meant it... I don't know what to think or feel at the moment.

She did say "I don't want us to break up" and then after crying a bit she said "I think it's be best for both of us".

I just feel I put so much pressure on her on top of her exams. She suffers from bad anxiety too.


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  • Sometimes with couples, especially th eOnes who have the Most 'Pressure,' and even a mental issue to boot, He said, she said gets in the way and it's "I think it's best for both of us."
    people say a lot of things when the going gets rough and it can lead to the tough get going. In your case, I feel Now, would be the time to be face to face, talk it over and see if there is something special here, dear, you both can do to... think or feel at the moment.
    If you love one another, cherish this relationship, then work it out. You know very well that she has 'Her exams' and on To pf this, her 'Bad anxiety,' and with this... either love her unconditionally or move on so she can lick her wounds.
    Don't rush into anything silly, although I just saw below what you did. Haste makes waste and without even getting to the bottom of things, you just... went to the bottom of the bye bye barrel, I see.
    Good luck. xx

    • I don't understand the last part sorry.

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    • Not at all... I'm going through a no contact process, and I found that having my ex's contact details and her on FaceBook wasn't helping my state of mind.

      I just think that getting in contact with her now is rushing it and since she's under so much pressure would alarm her.

      I'll give it enough time and then contact her.

    • Okay, sounds good. xxoo

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  • if u regret about what u said... y don't u try 2 apologize?

    • We haven't spoken since it happened :( and like an idiot I deleted her number and unfriended her off FaceBook :/

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  • I'd reach out to her. She seems pretty upset over the whole thing and definitely made it clear that she did not want to break up in the first place. Talk it out with her hun.

    • But she said she thought it was best for us?

      She told me it was because she was completely overwhelmed by her work and upcoming exams.

      I deleted her phone number, and then I unfriended her on Facebook :(

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    • How certain are you? Why hasn't she tried to contact me?

      My mum thinks the same thing, that she just needs space and time to focus on her work/exams. She has 8 maths finals exams in the next 2 months.

      None of my friends know about the break up, not even mutual ones. I was close with her mum too, so I don't know why she hasn't sent a text to me either!

    • I'm pretty certain. She is probably waiting for you to contact her first.

  • Awe I know who you are. Your the one I talk to about your gf anxitry and why she didn't respond back.


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