What is wrong with my ex?

We had been rocky for a while. He would say it's over I'd start crying and beg him not to leave and ten minutes later we kiss and make up. The last few times I stopped begging and acted like I didn't care. He was the one who would come to the room I was in for no reason just to yell and storm out (and eventually unpack his stuff). This time we ended for good. I found out 2 weeks later that I was pregnant and told him. He was furious about it. We hung out a few times, which he would use to go through my Facebook messages and texts and search history online. I ignored him and acted like I didn't care. Few weeks later he and his friends move out of state. He then found random reasons to write me. Like when do you find out the sex (even though I had answered this 6 times already), or my check is coming I'm going to send you some cash. Or the furniture store called (which he knew I knew because I had been on him about it). I got tired of his hot and cold behavior (nice one moment and name calling the next) so I blocked him and his friends. A few days later his friend writes me from her nieces Facebook account asking why I blocked her and saying she wanted to stay friends. The next day when I see the message I see that my ex was now dating that same niece. I unblocked him a few days later and he randomly writes me again. He kept calling this girl his friend and being flirty with me and calling me by his old pet names. I go on fb today to see their still "in a relationship" but she is posting stuff about if she ever finds the right guy she hopes he appreciates her and blah blah blah. My question is, he dumped me then moved 5 states away, so why is he being so immature as to fake a relationship and make me find out? (He's mad because I still haven't acknowledged that I know about it)


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  • Sorry for your experience. This guy is immature and a control freak. He doesn't know what he wants, so instead he strings you along by your emotions and then essentially abandons you when you become pregnant with HIS child.

    Why the F was he angry? I'm sorry, did I miss something about getting pregnant taking two people? Sounds like he hates himself more than anything else and is a coward who is afraid to commit.

    And, you blocking him and his cohorts on FB is your business and it's a good decision. The girl manipulating you into feeling bad for blocking her is her problem, not yours. You're doing the right thing blocking off all contact with this irresponsible idiot, and it's also best to stay away from his friends, family, etc. You'll be much better off by doing so.

    • Thank you 😄. Sad part is we planned this pregnancy and were supposed to get married Easter weekend. He was mad in his word because now he has three kids and two baby mamas and no chance at freedom. We trapped him and tied him down. I just find it dumb that at 26 he has to fake a relationship with an 18 yr old lol.

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    • That's why I informed my parents and the cops. He has been acting spiteful ever since the breakup and I could see him fighting for custody just to spite me.

    • Well, you're doing the right things and you just take care of yourself and try and move on with your life with your baby and hopefully Mr. Wonderful will be a thing of the distant pass sooner than later.

      Stay safe!

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  • I don't know. Did you have a talk about it?


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