Why can I not move on?

Okay so I can usually get over a guy once I have realized that I have no chance or something like that but I started liking this guy a couple months ago and we went through a lot and we were not even dating but then we got in a fight and we are no longer talking but no matter how hard I try I cannot forget about this guy like I keep remembering all the good times we had and it really hurts me and I don't even think he cares? Am I crazy?
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I just cannot move on


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  • You didn't have an option "D" which would be "Just Being Human".

    You can't help who you like, and there are people you have much stronger feelings for and chemistry with than others, so not all breakups are created equal.

    I went through the very same thing a few years ago, and I swear it took me forever to forget this girl. I wouldn't even look her up to see her picture, as I did not need any more regret or grief knowing she was gone. I've had more serious relationships with people where I was fine when things ended. But not with this girl. There was just something about her. But, I guess it just wasn't meant to be.

    You'll get over him in time, and it's okay you're struggling. That just means you have normal human emotions and feelings like the rest of us, and you're going to have stronger attachments to some things over others.


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  • I couldn't vote because the options were too limited. Literally almost the same exact thing happened to me and I've learned to cope but it's still something I think about way too much. Everyone has a person who makes them do crazy, irrational things. Some people find that person, others don't is the the only difference. So I'd say it's a natural, unfortunate part of life.

    • But this has never happened to me before

    • It didn't for me either until it did. I didn't even think it was possible for me to feel this way.

What Girls Said 2

  • Obviously there's something about him that you love. It's common to be hooked on one person in particular, there was obviously something about him that made you feel good or you admired. Try working things out with him but if not, you will have to try to move on the best you can unfortunately.

    Your poll isn't good.

  • I feel you. I think it's because you still have hope since you actually never really dated and you never broke up either, it leaves you somewhere between. It's easier to let go once you have a yes or no and when you know that there is no hope. I don't know how much you like him but if you like him a lot I doubt that you will forget about him just like that. If I were you I would try to communicate with him after the fight and see if he's intersted? Perhaps interested in dating. If you don't take a shot you will be stuck like this until you eventually move on at one point. Something I truly regret is that I never told him how I felt and he moved on. I can't forget about him so know how important it is to actually tell him.

    • He knew I liked him and I like him a lot like I don't think I can go a hour with out remembering something about him, the thing is he liked me to just wasn't ready for a relationship I guess and then he said I was to annoying and stopped talking to me but he never once said no

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    • @Agrojag
      Who's we?

    • @Asker About a year and a half ago me and this girl went through the same story. What happened to you happened to me.

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