Why can't he just leave me alone?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me 2 months ago. The reason why has changed just about every time I ask him why. Well whenever I tell him not to talk to me if he is just going to play with my feelings he gets upset, if I don't respond he ask why im ignoring him or will text me over and over. Recently I sort of got to the bottom of why he left. He said I was acting shady, ex: hiding text, lying, not telling him where I was, and one of his buddies told him they saw me hugged up with some guy when I told him I was with my girl. Lets be clear I did none of the things stated. before the convo got to this he apologized for treating me bad and I quote " he wants me but I scare him with all this super commitment stuff" he then goes on to say he likes me a lot but doesn't want to date me or anyone, and it sucks because he wants to still see me, but its just a bad idea.
He never told me about his friend starting mess, or anything, but I knew they didn't like me for whatever reason. he and I both have acknowledge that our connection was something very special something you only see in movies. but then he's got his friends in his ear making up crap and his wild imagination. What im so lost about how you can fall in love like this through it all ask me to stick with you then one day leave talk bad to me, still want me and not want me in 5 mins
He's dated obviously had sex with these girls but not at all giving them the attention or affection he gave me so I know they are just rebounds and once I brought it up I didn't see any of them again. Whats going on does he keep reaching out to me cause he still has feelings but wants to keep his friends happy or is he just playing with my mind? He hasn't removed our pictures off his social media hasn't unfriended my mother, but a just today unfollowed me on instagram.


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  • Throw a ROCK AT him and then he might leave you alone.

    • That would be nice but at this point I don't even want to see him.

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