Will being with a rebound make him get over me completely?

My ex is in a rebound relationship, he met her a few days after we broke up and started dating her straight away, as far as i'm aware they've only been on a couple of dates so far. I was just wondering if once this rebound relationship has run its course will i still have a chance to get back with him or will being with this other girl make him get over me completely and get rid of any feelings he has left for me?


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  • No. Rebounds are typically bullshit and he's actually using this poor girl to bury his grief. You need to give yourself time and space after a breakup.

    Otherwise you take yourself with you to the next relationship without looking into what went wrong and spending time doing a bit of self evaluation.

    He may act all happy and think she's great, but if he had any ounce of feelings for you, he's not doing anything but running from one relationship to another and using whomever he's with.

    • Is it likely you can get your ex back after the rebound relationship fails? i know he asks about me to mutual friends all the time but he's made no contact with me and i don't want to be the first to make contact

    • It's possible, but would you really want that? You guys broke up for a reason, so just make sure you remember the struggles in your relationship and not just the good times.

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  • Just let whatever is going to happen in your relationship happen. I know it's hard but I'm going through something very similar. We can't change our men, they need to change for us. If he is this quick to be with someone else, he may be using this new relationship to distract himself from what's he's feeling, maybe to make you jealous, maybe he just doesn't care. In any case, you need to let what's going to happen happen and find you a man who you deserve. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


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  • It's really hard to assume anything. Some guys are just capable of moving onto the next option immediately. They don't suffer from one-itis.
    As for still having feelings for you, what he feels for you at this moment would probably not change anytime soon. So if he still has some high interest in you, there will definitely be a chance further in the future, though obviously a few other factors will have to fall into place too

    • Can you give me an example of the factors? He has said the girl he's dating doesn't mean anything to a friend we have in common. We broke up because we were both really busy and stressed and it was causing arguments and we didn't have much time to see each other. He asks mutual friends about how i am and what i'm doing all the time but hasn't made any contact with me. I'm not sure if there is any hope

    • Well when you are in contact again, if your both in a good place mentally, both emotionally available and both eager to pursue something again. Timing is the issue.
      I dated a girl for a month, went our own ways and I didn't dwell on it ( we both had a lot going on in our lives ) Saw her a year later, mentally we had both grown a lot, and then we dated for 2 years and it was amazing.. and we had no contact at all for that year in between. I don't think having space between you is going to do any harm. No-one knows their future path so it's definitely possible in time everything will align again for the two of you

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