How can you just get over someone because they have nice looks?

I'm just going to be completely honest here.
I'm a shallow person. I know it sounds horrible but if me being honest is going to help me in some way, then I'll be honest. The guys I get with have horrible personalities but they look good and that makes it hard to leave them. I'm only liking these people on a superficial level, and I get burned. So no more of that. How can I get over a person's looks? I know I deserve this because its horrible to think but usually what I think is " if you werent so damn hot I wouldn't be with you" yes, I'm the issue, and yes I'm ready to change, I just have to get over this guy.


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  • no sympathy for you


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  • I'm a bit like you. I can't really tell you have to change but you need to change the way you look at people a realise that looks isn't everything. I think once you experience true love you might understand. I do believe that this ''behaviour'' will pass because if we think like this for the rest of our lives we'll be left lonely and unhappy. Sometimes the personality makes the person beautiful even if the person is sort of okay looking. Personally I met a guy once who looked okay, he wasn't someone I would have approached to myself but once I got to know him he turned beautiful and that's what personality can do. He automatically got hotter. I don't know if you're looking for a relationship or a one night stand but if you're looking for a relationship you need to start seeing someone for who they are and not only for their looks. If you're just looking for a one night stand then I no worries, it's just for one night.


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