"So you don't love me anymore?" "Whatever. Lol." Why not just confirm or disconfirm it?

I pissed my ex off to the point of him not wanting to talk to me again, but I tried to get him to answer whether he still loves me or not. Why doesn't he just answer the question and be done with it? He's brushing off about everything, and gets angry when I try to talk about the past or his current feelings. Which, I understand. If you don't love me anymore just say it. If you do then say it. He always says that it doesn't matter if he still has feelings for me or not, but doesn't hate me. He hasn't forgotten me, but he doesn't think about me.


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  • because he's not giving you what you want.

    • I know, but if he doesn't love me then he knows I'll leave him for good. If he wants that, why not just tell me?

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    • How would I know for certain? He literally disses everything I say..

    • just ignore him. if he leaves you alone then you have your answer. if he has to get at you for some reason then you have your answer.

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  • If he says he still loves you, then that means you win.

    • So he might still love me? He just doesn't want me to know which would mean I would have gotten what I wanted.

    • Maybe not love, but something might still be there. Also, this could be him toying with you, he could have no feelings for you at all, but just figures this is a good opportunity to tease you with the idea that he might.

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  • If he doesn't want to answer the question, why force him to?
    I think you should just let it go.
    After a while, hearing the same question time and time again gets annoying.

    If he doesn't think about you... its a sign that he is over you.


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