My ex won't leave me alone?

Sorry about the length but please read!

My ex and I have been on and off for the last 2 years. We have broken up but gotten back together 3 times. The last time we were together, things were going pretty good (6 months) but every once in a while I would get these feelings like I deserved more. Also I would wish that I was single so that I could be free to go out with my girl friends and just enjoy the night. He also would get super wasted every weekend and black out. He would act stupid at parties and get in stupid fights. None of my friends liked him because they only saw him when he was wasted because he could never go to a party and stay sober. I told him at least 4 times that he needed to drink less and even stopped going to parties with him because I told him I don't like him when he's drunk. Well then one night he was blacked out and got mad at me for little things like not going to get him somthing to eat and stupid things like that. I left and found out the next day that he had sex with some random girl. I called it off imeditatly and told him that was unnacceptable. He was blacked out and doesn't remember it at all but thats not an excuse. He has been texting me non stop for the past week telling me that he's so sorry and regrets it so much and how he wants to marry me and wants things to go back to normal and he will quit drinking for me completely and will do anything. I dont want to be with him anymore even if he did change because of my reasons when things were going good. And the last time we broke up it was because he drank too often and he said he was going to change that (he drank less often but still got black out). I've stopped replying to him but he still texts me at least 5 long messages a day. What do I do? (I'm not getting a restraining order cause Im from a small town)


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  • I'm sorry you're going through this. And it's a good think you already understand he won't change. At least not for a while. It sounds like he has a serious problem with alcohol and that alone is enough to kick him to the curb; not that him sleeping with some random girl isn't either, because that could have exposed you to an std.

    The best you can do is cut off all contact. If you have to change your phone number or try and block him. Delete and block him from all your social media sites, and if he's trying to get through to you via his friends, then block their asses too.

    Just make sure you also protect yourself in the event his idiotic behavior becomes irrational to the point he's physically dangerous. If he even so much as threatens you, then you need to get a restraining order on him. He also needs to sober up!

    Stay safe!


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  • My ex was the same harassing me all the time and saying things like that but the truth is no one really ever changes. Block his number and yeah just don't reply to his messages or phone calls.


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