How do I mourn for her?

So I was in a long distance relationship for almost 4 years. From when I was 14 to now, 17 almost 18. The relationship was great and horrible at the same time. My girlfriend was a year older than me.

So few people understood it. Her mother would mentally abuse her, and keep us from being able to speak for months on end. I would wait for her, I did date inbetween at first but as I went on, it felt wrong. So I continue with the same old, but one day I check my email and its from her. I open and its from her sister, and as we shoot emails back and forth. Her sister tells me that she [my girlfriend] ran away from home months ago and no one knows where she is. I've finally accepted its over and have begun the grief process so I can move on. I have never had such a deep affection for another person before and she was my first and only serious girlfriend, since we were so young.

I think that will make it harder but I still need to do it. I just want to know what I should do? No one understands and I am so tired of having to suffer in silence.

I really wish this story was untrue, but its not. I feel like someone has stabbed me in the stomach with a screwdriver and twisted it around and around.


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  • Are you sure she was real to begin with? You're probably too young to remember it but google Manti Te'o.

    Why would her sister have her email password?

    • She was cleaning out her room and found her old ipod she used to talk to me. I'm sure she is real, I have plenty evidence of that

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    • Well thanks for your time

      You're the only person to reply anyway

    • Well keep the same email. If she's a real girl then maybe someday she'll email you.

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